Friday, January 7, 2011

You know what?

I am smart. I am nice. I am talented and skilled (not the same thing). I have a good smile, and I smile a lot. I'm an awesome kisser. I have references. I have sexy legs. I am fair. I am open-minded. I am thoughtful. I set long-term goals and achieve them. I make spontaneous decisions and enjoy them. I've visited twelve countries on two continents outside of the US, and 22 States, not counting the ones I just drove through (New Jersey, I'm looking at you!) I saw Gladiator in the theater, in Rome. I've packed up and moved, by myself, 2700 miles away, and made friends when I got there. I've never lived anywhere twice. I've been published in a highly respected journal, I've gotten first place in a national photography contest. I'm on jstor. I have two master's degrees (okay, that's kind of a technicality) and a job in my field. I am easy to please and hard to offend. I've eaten weird things. I've had weird jobs. I have stood in front of hundreds of people and showed them the things I hated most about myself. I am eccentric. I am unusual. I can make people laugh. I have a great speaking voice. I am a deconstructionist, a post-post-modernist, and a sex-positive feminist. I'm good with my hands. I'm older than I look. And I'm happy.

New Year's Eve, 2011

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