Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Longer Term Stuff To Do:

I've been good about keeping a day planner, and writing down assignments and when I'm going to do them. But it's harder for me to think of the things to do that don't exactly have due dates, or they have due dates but there are many steps and I can't just plan it out for the week before it's due.

-I need to write a thesis. I need to figure out what I want to say in my thesis.

-I need to write, record, mix, shoot, mix, a video piece. I hardly know where to start. It's all a mess in my head.

-I need to hang a show in March. This is pretty much done. I just need to mat & frame. Frames are on their way, shouldn't take more than a long day. But I also need to decide on a statement & image to send to the gallery. They are terrible at getting back to me with things like deadlines, but I'm guessing they need it soon.

-I need to keep working on applications. I need to write out my unsolicited submissions and apply to some more shows.

-I probably should start doing things like cleaning out my apartment of excess stuff in preparation for moving out at the end of May.

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