Saturday, February 6, 2010

Inez (part II for the weeNP)

Inez is tall and voluptuous, dark-skinned, darker-eyed, darkest-haired, she is every cliché developed by white men about exotic women. She is the Top Ten Latina Actresses. In more specific terms, she is five-foot-seven, weighs one-hundred-and-fifty-four pounds during the summer and one-hundred-and-fifty-nine pounds during the winter. She prefers bright colors or no color at all: reds, teals, or black. She often doesn’t wear a bra. I picture her with hair as long as my arms, or I picture her with pin curls. Either way, I picture her with jewelry, more than I’ve ever felt comfortable wearing. She is everything that I’ve never felt comfortable wearing.

I want her. I want her hips, her parted mouth, her hot skin. I want her confidence, her brazen stare. I want to have her, and in the having I want to be her.

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