Monday, March 4, 2013

Star of the North: words

I had a terrible weekend.  There were things the event organizers should have done differently, some things the team should have done differently, and some things that can't be changed, that mean I won't compete again.

As I uploaded photos of pretty people dancing prettily, I wrote an email to the event organizers explaining the causes of my disappointment.  They replied quickly, and kindly, and expressed an interest in how to better improve things.  It was well done, and I appreciate it. 

I might come back and talk about the fuckups, about feeling left out, about feeling like I was missing out, about terrible communication and mistaken expectations.  But the fuckups are a red herring.  Even if everything had been right, I would have still come back having learned that I don't like competing.  I compare and criticize instead of appreciate. 

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