Monday, September 24, 2012

Another two weeks

There was going to be a post about skirts and dpi.  But now there is just this post about my dentist fucking up because I was going to get a tooth tomorrow and now I'm getting a tooth in another two weeks.

I am ashamed of my face.  And so just the act of being in public, of having a conversation, or even buying coffee, is a little bit harder than it was before.  It takes a little more strength to get through the day.  I forget for hours, maybe, at a time, but then it comes back to me, even worse because I wonder how many times I smiled during those hours, unaware.  Did I smile?  Oops.  Wasn't supposed to smile. 

And I am so very tired of remembering, tired of forgetting, tired of this face that isn't, that shouldn't be be, mine. 

I was going to get a tooth tomorrow. 

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