Friday, March 4, 2011

Same thing but better

This time, with dimensions. I love dimensions. I want to dimension ALL THE THINGS.

I am madly in love with AutoCAD.


Unknown said...

For future measurements, you could use a cutting board rather than a ruler. It won't give anything hugely exact, but I think it'll give you more information.

Angela said...

What I did for my next (so far, failing) project, is scan my object and print it life size. And that taught me that what I should do next is scan it, superimpose grid lines in photoshop, and print at 2 or 3 times life size (since I'll know exactly how much I've enlarged, it's all good)

Scanners are awesome because they can make an accurately sized reproduction, and they automatically produce perfect front, side, top, views.

Unknown said...

Ah. I misunderstood the holding-up-a-ruler-and-squinting. You make me want to play with your gadgets.