Tuesday, December 21, 2010

unrelated recent events

I already tweeted everything here, but I decided I wanted it to stick around longer.

This weekend I had two gatherings that included homemade alcohol drinks and Bruce Willis. Which is, like, a 500% increase on both fronts from the previous year. I still think that Die Hard is a great Christmas movie, and I still don't quite understand the appeal of The Fifth Element. I don't dislike it or anything, it just seems kind of meh. Glogg is fantastic. So is homemade eggnog. Yay!

I introduced myself to a first year printmaking grad, and she said "oh, YOU'RE Angela." Apparently my name is mentioned often to her. Um.

At Home Ec., I was offered sexual favors in trade for my yarn/knitting. TWICE. Someone on OK Cupid offered to stick his cock in a sexy white chick like me. When I said "no thanks," he asked if it was because he was black. And Other Dan wrote to me again, asking if we can hang out. I actually considered it for a minute or two, just because it was flattering (I was such an asshole to him, and he still wants to try again?), but then I remembered that he has nothing to say and kisses like a dead fish. Less stinky, but just as appealing.

Still pining. Roommate Ben. Ignore me, I'll get over it some day.

I'm sharing a ride with Cassie's boyfriend to her parent's house in Illinois. And part of me, the embarrassing, clinging, desperate part, wants to be demonstrably awesome so I can impress her boyfriend, in case it somehow gets to Roommate Ben. Which is ridiculous. He didn't turn me down because his roommate thought I was uncool. And yet, in the farthest recesses of my head, where logic can't reach, this makes sense.

Tonight, I want to drink eggnog and listen to music and dance and pick up my room.
I want to work on my online dating analysis. I need a name for this.
I want to write more messages.
I want to knit my curtain.
I want to knit my new yarn I bought tonight (splurge!).
I want to watch The L Word (embarrassed shrug).
I want to watch Battlestar Galactica.

I think that not all of this will happen. I think I will start with the eggnog and go from there.

EDIT: Almost forgot, I also want to set up my new loom!

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