Friday, November 12, 2010

Here's a handy cheat sheet for my life in the last, oh, weeks or months or something.

job: 1.) Working at Joann's fabric & glittery stuff store, with varying amounts of loud children and knick knacks that play songs. Generally prefaced with the word "old." As in "at my old job I could never plan things more than a week in advance because my schedule changed all the time." 2) Working at Prairie Lights, the sheeshy (I'm sure there's a fancy French spelling, but I don't know it, sorry) bookstore where I get to read or knit for hours at a time and get paid much more than at Joann's (and get half-price coffee drinks) but only on weekends. Generally just referred to as "job," causing confusion. 3) Working as a Laboratory Specialist, School of Art and Art History (henceforth referred to as SAAH), which involves billing and buying and fixing and organizing, and inventorying and training. Generally prefaced with the words "good" "new" "real" or "grown-up."

Henry: Boyfriend. But not unequivocally so. He might not be that into me. I might not be that into him. That second part might be because of the first, or it might not. He's smart and self-assured, and might be as selfish as I am. I like that about him. I like that, when I tell him about how I need an audience to exist, he says "it's like the opposite of solipsism." I like his looks but not his clothes. I wish he had a broader view of gender and sexuality. I wish I trusted him.

homework: (see "job") I got hired to do a job I'm not actually qualified to do. Or rather, they couldn't hire me for the job I wasn't qualified for, but since no one else was qualified either, they rewrote the job and hired me. So I stay after work for a few hours most days, watching videos on and following along, trying to learn a new department from scratch, so I can run their lab.

3DS Max: (see "homework") 3D modeling program, for product design or interior design or animation. What I do with my evenings. To be followed by Vizard virtual reality building software, followed by AutoCad, followed by InDesign, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, and Aftereffects.

Menards: Officially referred to as "Studio Arts," the hardware-store-turned-temporary-art-building.

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