Monday, September 27, 2010

skewed visions

Statement for a podcast series I'll be a part of in October:

I require constant proof of my existence. My own experience isn't enough; I must be part of someone else's experience. Yours. Proof requires witnesses. And so it is here, in this bodiless space online, where I am the most real. Google me. I am here twenty-four hours a day, for anyone, anywhere. Information, once disseminated, never completely disappears. I never completely disappear. I put up every photo I take, every thought I have, on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, my website, my blog. When that isn’t enough, I write letters to strangers on the internet, and then I take screen shots of those letters and put them on the internet. I write down stories about my life. I tell them to you. This is me, watching me, watching me. This is me.

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