Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Radical Feminist

Dear Anti-Feminist.

The fact that you refer to my views as "radical" is a very good indication of what you consider to be "normal."  Because I haven't expressed anything beyond the belief that 1) sex for fun is okay and doesn't make anyone less of a good person, 2) both women and men are responsible for their sexual decisions, 3) women and men don't need to decide their relationship dynamics based on gender.  These beliefs are apparently far and beyond off the spectrum from yours.  If I were less biased by my radical prejudices, so you say, I would understand you.

And, in a way, you're right.  If I were a moralizing, anti-feminist, prude, I would understand your views.  

So, no, I didn't read the next 1,061 words you wrote.  The ones beginning with "You grew up in a world that..." and ending with "if you could look at it from a non-feminist viewpoint, and instead look at it from a more human or scientific viewpoint..."  Because maybe someone could explain to you that "feminist" and "human" are not opposing concepts, that women are equally capable of logical reasoning.  But it's not going to be me.  Get yourself a book. Get yourself a good blog.  Get yourself some fucking eyes and empathy and some of that reason you're so proud of.  Or go back to looking for a damsel to rescue. 

Just don't come to me.

Without rehashing the 1000+ word message I didn't read much of, I'll just say that Probation Guy will not be a Person of Interest.

I texted Red Flag Guy and asked if he knew any bad jokes.

I vented to Ms. W while waiting for my bagel.

Red Flag Guy said:  Lucifer, Poncius Pilate, and Judas buy a drink at a bar.  When it comes time to pay the tab, Lucifer swears in some ancient languages, and disappears in a puff of sulfur.  Poncius Pilate says, "I TOTALLY wash my hands of that," and so the bartender looks at Judas.  Judas shrugs and says, "That's okay.  I just got paid anyway.  Do you take silver?"

Ms. W, who has a slight Carolina drawl, and a smile so wide and warm it nearly runs out of room, suggested I write this letter.

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