Monday, August 5, 2013

Water I swam in, water I didn't

Mostly in chronological order, from Thursday-Saturday. 

Doug + Amanda's wedding, Duluth, MN.

I swam in this water.  Also I read this book.  (Lake Superior at Canal Park)

It was 39 F in the water.  Mostly I laid on a warm towel.

Lake Superior beachfront at rehearsal dinner.  I did not swim in this water.

Lake tour.  Still not swimming.

I took a lot of photos on the boat of this flag.

Fountain at the rose garden, before the wedding.  I did not swim.

View of the lake from the rose garden.  Still not swimming.

This is not a photo of water.

I didn't get any good photos of this because I was too busy swimming. 
A little runnoff pond from Gooseberry Falls.  I was debating going all the way in
and then I slipped and fell.  As warm as a swimming pool but weirdly opaque.

After the falls we went to the lighthouse and I got Candle in the Water
stuck in my head FOREVER.  No swimming.

View up from the lighthouse.

View down from the lighthouse.

I love tourist shops.  I especially love tourist shops with giant plush stuffed bears.

It says "D+A 4EVA"

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