Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I'm starting to look at the other photos from SotN.  They seem to fit into four different types, and I'm not sure that they go together at all.

__________THING ONE__________

Instead of people not caring about the fair they're in, it's people who don't care about the dancers.  It's also the dancers who don't care about the people in the chairs.  It's people's disconnect from each other, rather than from the place they're in.  I really like this photo.

__________THING TWO__________

Ballroom dancers are funny looking!  The drama!  The expression!  Oh my.

__________THING THREE__________

More sad, lonely, people.  They are not having fun.

__________THING FOUR__________

Judges judging.  I think this may, actually, be what I move on with.  Because I'm not sure the sad people really bring enough newness to my previous sad people.  And I'm not sure I really want to keep stalking interesting people and waiting for them to stop smiling.  I think that ballroom dancers looking absurd is kind of too easy and a little mean.  I can catch anyone looking awkward and funny looking, but what's the point, really?  And the first image, I love it, but I'm not sure that it's a series.  I think it's just a thing I love on it's own.

So I think I will find more ballroom competitions, but I can take this to the state fair, too.  And maybe I can find dog shows, theater auditions?  Lots of things are competitive based on a judges appraisal, and I might be interested in that...

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