Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I was talking to Cassidy last night about sending out the story, and he asked if he could read it.  (Which is way more than BadEx ever did, it was like he liked the idea of a girlfriend who wrote, but it didn't occur to him to talk to me about what I was writing, and even when I brought it up he never talked about it.)  Anyway, I emailed it to him.

And then, today, I sent him CH3, because, I don't know because.  More gifts of vulnerability I guess.  With a strange mix of showing off.  It's a weird combination.  Anyway, it was, like, a couple hours ago, and I feel so anxious about it.  I need him to say something!  I need to know that it didn't get lost in his spam folder.  I need to think that it wasn't actually spam, that even though it wasn't asked for, it was welcome.

And it wasn't that long ago, and he's home and sick, and likely sleeping or MMORPGing, neither of which lead to essay-reading, but oh, it feels like ages!

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