Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Things I still need to do:

OMG I'm actually splitting up my Dragon Age time with SOME OTHER ACTIVITY.  Yeah it's totally amazing.

Anyway, hopefully today I'll get some good copy shots of my embroidery so I can put those up, and then I need to, seriously, get my shit together with the state fair photos.  Because I fixed them up on my computer at home and now they look like shit on my ipad and this screen, so I need to find a happy medium and also make the new set match the old set, and maybe do some more adding/weeding out of the final selection.

Oh, and I need to dig up old photos from under the bed, because I've got a few lith print portraits that didn't work for what I was doing at the time but do something else entirely that I couldn't have planned for ten years ago.  I hate digging out old prints.  But.  Must be done.

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