Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Story

The email my dad sent on Thursday never reached me.  If it had, it would have told the following story:

My mother sent an email to her brother:

A— jumped off a bridge.  He was picked up by the police and is now in the hospital being evaluated by psychiatric staff.  I'm trying to stay optimistic and focused on my work.  

Have a good day,

Her brother forwarded this email to their sister.

Her sister called me.

I called my dad.

My dad called the sister.

My dad called his brother.

His brother called my mother.

My mother yelled a lot.  Something happened, but since no one but her cares, or has ever cared, she isn't going to give anyone any information.  We are undeserving.  There was more yelling.  I'm paraphrasing from old scripts, since I was not actually privy to the conversation, but I don't think much has changed since she said them to me.

So that's it.  Something happened.  But nothing changed.  End of story.

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