Tuesday, September 11, 2012

TWoT got some things right but some of it just pisses me off.

(Or, I am Not a Rosebud)

I hate saidar.  I hate being told to "open up" to possibility, to magic.  I hate being told to "not force things."  I hate the rhetoric of passivity.  I hate the idea that, for things to happen, I only need to be receptive to them. 


Really.  They don't.  It's science.  Things happen because other things happened, and those things happened because other things happened before that.  And, lots of times, we didn't do the things that led to the thing we wanted, it happened seemingly randomly, out of our control.  We were looking the other way and WOW HAPPY.  But looking the other way isn't what caused it.

And trying is not the cause of failure. 

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