Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mood Swings

I can't believe I did that.  I threw away my tooth.  Hidden in a napkin so I could eat.  I dug through the trash cans; I didn't find it.  And I have a performance in a week and a half so now I'm hoping that I will get the chance to pay an extra $400 for a tooth I can wear for less than two weeks, if I'm lucky and they can actually get me one that soon.

And I really just want to close my eyes and forget everything.  I want to forget that I did something that stupid, I want to forget that I might be toothless for two weeks.  I want to forget that last night I was electrified but he was insulated and I am worried that I may have handled it badly. 

I want to forget that everything I do is seen through filters that say women are more likable but less competent than men.

And then, I work with a student, and we get it right.  For the first time, his piece looks the way it was meant to look, and I am a new woman again.

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