Wednesday, June 27, 2012

little things

I think it's funny that, being the source of my scarring, it's that e e cummings poem that ended up meaning so much, since I don't actually agree with it.  I think that feeling vs. syntax is a false dichotomy, and while feeling and communicating are not the same act, the pursuit of one doesn't mean the abandonment of the other.  And I think it's awfully silly for e e cummings, who made a career out of playing with syntax, punctuation, and language in order to better express concepts and emotions, to mock other people for doing the same.  Although, it is a beautiful poem.  There is that.

Also, further data:

(And I swear that this time, really, I mean it, I will not spend the weekend undoing this, I will stick to my damn diet, I will stop adding M&Ms to my lunches, I will I swear I will this time.)

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